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tv   MTA Board of Directors 10416  SFGTV  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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to hold item 5 in closed session did code action. >> do i have a motion to hold item 5 in closed session. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes we're in closed session thank you ladies and gentlemen, >> commissioner president loftus we're back on record in open session and vote to disclose any or all items administrative code action do i have a motion not to disclose. >> any public comment on that.
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>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes inspector, next item. >> adjournment action. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we're adjourned thank you ladies and gentlemen, presents. boarden, present. heinicke, present. shoe shoe, present. nolan, present. ramos, present, rubke, present. you have a quorum. item 3,
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announcement of sounds producing e devices. the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound- producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chairman may order the removal from the meeting room of any personnss responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound- producing electronic devices. announcement of sounds produce devices. the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound- producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chairman may order the removal from the meeting room of any personnss responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound- producing electronic devices. cell phones set on vibrate so request turned off. approval of minutes september 20. >> motion of the minutes. >> motion to approve. >> second. all in favor say aye. >> aye rchlt >> item 5. communications rchlt 10.2 g to establish a car share vehicle space is removed fraump agenda at request of staff . i rchbed for agenda changes. item 6, introduction of new business. >> >> i do, first i want to say i was up at necto in seattle
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north american city transformation officials and want to cu-mind mr. riscon for what a fantastic job they did. it is is a confrns of the best and brightest and proud to say sfmta staff were the best and brightest of the conference so wanted to tell everybody thank you for the hard work and information sharing. the other thing i want to bring up is in our approval of the changes to the mission red transit lane project is there is a bus bulb removal that is getting attention from the public so i want to ask that i have been told there is no work that will happen removing that bulb until january so i want to ask if we can have a sit down where the stakeholders who are concerned and just talk through the bus bulb removal and maybe what we can do to make sure we keep the pedestrian frndly aspect of that in place.
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>> when we talk about that we will give a update what is going on along [inaudible] other concerns. >> members the board, unfinished business? thank you. >> item 7, directors report. >> good afternoon nolan and members the board and staff and public. want to start with special recognition to recognize today a number of different employees from different parts of the organization for their exsemgzal exceptional work and want to start with 10 year strong director of finance and information technology [inaudible] >> dpood afternoon. happy to make 10 years . we want to give an award to tim [inaudible] we treasure tim so much so will give it over to
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him but have lots orphregard for tim but will let travis make the presentation. >> thank you for the victory charman nolan and directors, mr. reiskin oof i'm travis [inaudible] today we are here to honor tim quail. in nearly 5 years with hta tim played a key role making the team more data driven efficient and effective. examples are plentiful. following the strategic plan, tim partnered to establish rortding for more than 75 metrics. thank tooz the efforts we transitioned from laborious manually collected metrixes to automated timely reporting. tim supervisor creation of key performance indicator on
12:06 pm these metrix are a boder universe reporting house [inaudible] business intelligence system. transstep holds in big data like next bus, automatic [inaudible] this reporting drives our regular meetings and provide on depend insight and used by management and staff agency wide to better noods and improve services mptd as a example tim partnered with the transit decision to provide planner jz scheduleers to reporting transit time squz speed to enable to aju schedule and evaluate-not street performance. street improvements. tim also leads our quarterly customer satisfaction survey that reached thousands of residents over the last 4 years as wem as the an yell employee survey which just kick said off mpt
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the customer survey helps gauge progress and employee survey is a tool to help management and staff improve workplace culture. many of the effort tim led or contributed to are enabled by software. a tool that helps staff see and understand their data. tim became a pioneer of [inaudible] shortly after started and today our agency is viewed as a leader and innovateer across sitdy departments for use of analysis and reporting and driving operational improvements. tims accomplishment are clear within the perfornlance team and across mta. built strong relationships and highly supportive manager and insightful, reliable and committed to improving the organization time and time again. we are honored to have tim as part the team and look forward to the fuch were. it is great pleasure to give tim this special award today.
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thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much for your outstanding work. it is very important. >> thank you. i feel so honored to receive the recognition and like to thank travis fox who is real mentor and friend to me sinss i aruved at the sfmt a a. i like to thank jason lee who taught much of what i know about transportation in san francisco. i had the privilege to supervise a small team over the last year and thankful to be surrounded by a enthuse astic group of individuals with such a broad range of talents and perspectives. it is the opportunity to work with and learn from these individuals that i most look forward to each day when i come to work. last i like to thank my wife lidia who encouraged me to move across the complaintry 250 take
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a promising job while she finished studies in chicago. i feel fortunate to work at a public agency with a ambitious and forward thinking vision and colleagues who are driven by that vision and shared desire to make san francisco a better place for everybody. thank you. [applause] >> i want to acknowledge [inaudible] who came up to support tim. if you could stand up and show--[laughter] john [inaudible] in particular. congratulations tim, great job. >> also i want to acknowledge which i'm sure you all noticed the bow tie had cable cars. finally had a excuse to wear it. thank you. >> you can see it on the reruns on sf gv tv. next i want to
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ask tom mu choir director of sustainable streets to recognize 3 outstanding employees from the enforcement division. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoons. presentation and that tie are tough act to follow. i like to ask [inaudible] obrian, richard [inaudible] and kim sany to come forward. we are recognizing three outstanding employees from our enforcement division today and while each of them has a number of extraordinary individual accomplishments we'll i'll describe, it is so important we tyke a moment to thank frontline employees who have one of the toughest jobs in the agency dealing with the public enforcing the traffic rule jz making sure that traffic flows and people are safe on the streets so this is a individual award for these 3 individuals but it is also just to bring
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before you the folks who do one oof the toughest job jz do it so well every day. maureen obrine is employ ood with mta since 1998, july 27, 1998 and assign today the giants detail which we hope she will continue to work for the next month for traffic control at second and king street where he received compliments from the public for outstanding work performance. we can't make the baseball plan work. she is a exemplary employee and works with well can coworkerers manager and public. very reliable and takes on any assignment to go the extra mile when asked. in addition to working on the giants detail she also worked
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on a newest project which is support the muni forward program through deployment of pco at intersections with muni faces chronic congestion and working at market and beel to improve performance. the excellent customer service skills, responsiveness to customer needs led to compliments from the public and muni inspectors. while she is working to support muni or the giants or anywhere else in the city maureen oborderline demonstrates the same work ethic and proven to be someone who gets the job done so thank you maureen. [applause]
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>> congratulations mrs. obrian. [inaudible] you think so? thank you. would you like to say something to the board? love to hear you. >> i'm a horrible speaker. i just wanted to say thank you to my sfr visor, my director. have always supported me and stood behind me and i really love my job. i don't love doing the tickets, i love the customer service, helping the public though i just want today say thank you for being recognized for my work. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mrs. obrian. >> the next member we are recognizing today is supervisor richard ordoneia. he also started work on july 27, 1998. he was promoted to position of supervisor in may 2012 and
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since lynne assignments within the enforcement division he demonstrated excellent skills and ability in performance of duties and consistently receives outstanding perfornlance appraisem. assign today the midnight shift sweep sweeping and commuter shuttle program. he is responsible for recording of attendance and enforcement personnel and making sure all the diverse duties our pco's are responsible across the city are filled every day. richard played a key role during superbowl city making sure the scheduling and duployment was done for pco coming in for role call until 5 a.m. working 12 to 14 shifts. his attention to detail is critical makeic sure
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the city was held together. he also played a key role in shaping the assignment and instruction jz procedures of commuter shuttle detail and next month i'll come back to give good news about increasing number of citations we have been able to write and the shape of that program is largely thanks to richard work. no matter what the assignment, rirchered demonstrates professionalism and enthusiasm in his work. [applause] >> congratulations. on behalf of the agency thank you for outstanding work. would you like to say a few words? nobody is smiling. >> i just want to say thank you for the recognition. [applause] >> finally, it is my bad duty to say after all most 4 years
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of drether of enforcement unit cameron [inaudible] is retiring this week. cam is especially is known a a asset to the agency and manages a diverse group of over 200 front line staff making sure that they are safe in the field and have the resources they need to do their jobs and making sure that they get the job done. he is is also a important contributor to policy discussion about topics like commuter shuttles and sf parks. he brings together the policy side of the agency. cam and his team have done a great job at daily parking enforcement and making sure the perking ruleerize observed and so many cities special events. america cup, superbowl city and outside lands. one of the things that is a hall mark of cams leadership is willingness to go in the field and see how the team is doing and challenges and successs they are working under. he would be in weekends during the america's cup. i saw him out
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during superbowl city, outside lands talking to pco and finding what they needed and making sure they are able it do their jobs. in addition to be a terrific manager, cam is excelled represented sfmt sarks stakeholders. come can meet withneric jz community organization, a elected official, a trade group and explain the policy, get feedback and be the empthetic ear we need. spirfck example is on sth crooked portion on luck bard street over the last 3 years cam is so involved many of the residents know his phone number and call him at all hours and tell when there is a issue and there are often issues. one of cams strengths is connect with people and meeting with people on a regular basis outside of specific obligations and be able to have what staff described as calm one on one
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conversations and being in san francisco in 2016 have a calm conversation btd traffic is a accomplishment. i think one thing that stands out is the degree to which he respected and admired by staff who says have one of the toughest jobs in san francisco. last week i met with assistant director enforcement and asked what qualities they would like in the new director and we talked for a while and finally one said can you just clone cameron sammy please. that is a high praise. he is known for being hands on and having ear to ground and not afraid to put the uniform and gloves on and direct traffic. he has gone through all the training enforcement officers have gone through so knows both the challenges and successs that the officers face in the field. like i say on behamp of everyone in the team we will
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miss cams terrific professional work and on behalf of the city i'm sad to see him go but wishing nuthsing but the best in his retirement. [applause] >> on behalf of the board thank you for outstanding work. very difficult work and all the pco's here today, thank you for the hard work aerfb day. >> thaupg very much. yeah, it is tough decision to retire, but there is a time and now is a time for me. i'm still young to retire, still healthy, so here we go. want to congratulate maureen and rich, great job they both do. thank you all my staff, my assistant director back there, supervisors who support me and great job they do. it is a hard job. i love what i do,
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love what i did and i haven't gotten used to it yet but maybe a month then i can get rid of the second phone and move on. so, thank you very much and again, really like to thank ed for your support i trust. been a great leader and tom, thank you very much. thank you. >> best in your retirement. [applause] >> just reemphasize what tom said. it is amazingly difficult work the enforcement folks do every day and that we have such exemplars of great service refleths well on the agency. i had trouble congratulating cam about his retirement because i was so disaopponented he was leaving. i don't think as much of those words tom said to try to capture what he has done for
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the agency and people of the city i think it is hard to capture whether a issue is coming from the mayor or a member of this board or a little old lady in the excelsior he is amazingly responsive and just he works to solve problems for people to make the city work better so will miss him. i guess we wish him the best. [laughter] um, finally recollect in terms of recognition i want to ask john hailey, our director of trachbzt transit to come forward to recognize his folks with all the new vehicles coming into town. >> good afternoon board members. in january the achberage temperature in san francisco is 49 degrees. in winnipeg canada the average temperature is minus 4 and the
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minnesota the average temperature is 13 degrees. so, we are here today to honor somebody who chooses to leave san francisco and those type of temperatures to go and oversee what is been for us a tremendously successful program in both literally mr. aid ryan [inaudible] who will recognize in a second sees our buses both coming and going. he goes to the plant whether it is in minnesota or canada to oversee the preparation and building of the vehicles and then follows down to san francisco to accept his selfless dedication is not only reflective in the fact that he bought himself a nice jacket, but that he continues
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to some 300 or new vehicles later into service continues to volunteer for the bus acceptance united unit. proud to introduce aid ryan and say that we talk a lot about history and tradition here and take great pride as a city and a agency in the connectivity across generations. while aidians father who is with us as well is a current employee at potrero division and he doesn't have a coat so he will be staying in san francisco while aid ian travels. please join me in honoring aidian for his fine work. [applause] >> on behalf the board of directors and agency thank you for the oud outstanding work.
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>> i have my wife and my mom margaret wilson and dad andrew mu narrow. they stand behind me and applaud my wife for the patience to allow me to go to accept the buses and bring the product to the city. i want to thank you all you for having faith in me to present and glirfb very good product. mr. hailey, [inaudible] tom curren, gary chang, they center great confidence in me and strongport of my supervisor austin stanger. also, the other members of my group which all us work in cuhoots and put our heads together to deliver those beautiful red buses on the street. i want to thank you all again and yes of course [inaudible] thank you very
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much. [applause] >> i do want to also recognize austin stanger who is our supervisor who transitions back and forth between bus maintenance and bus acceptance and it is worked out well for us because we broken ground with the concept that the mechanics see the buses and know them so when they get here there is familiarity. aidian has proven san franciscan will leave the area once in a while. even for lesser weather. in 70 days december 13th, some oaf us have our calendar circleled and scheduled rival of the first orv 4. today it is my
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pleasure and honor to ask you to acknowledge somebody for who i believe is going to-made a big difference hening us approach the milestone and honor somebody for sleeping on the job. it is not usual that we do that, but part of what is allowed us to get in a position to have a vehicle here in 70 days is the close team work with the manufacturer. the oversight to make sure that theveneder and contractor seamans is building to the specification. slalot of back and forth and have a complicated system and one of the ing thes we are all reminded of as we make a decision for a generation. these vehicleerize going to last -they will out live some of us
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but 25 to 30 years. this is a major capital investment that with your help and support. aaron pausener who is leaving our quality control quality assurance effort on the [inaudible] is committed to working to get the vehicles here on schedule and track when i made reference to sleeping, one of the things because of the tight nature of our subway is have a run series of test where we wrapped a vehicle in foam so we ran it through the subway to check the clearances. aaron wanted to make sure everything went on schedule because we have a tight window rks wanted to make sure the manufacturer delivered when they said they would and we get the train in and out of the subway and complete the task which safety sensitive as well as time sensitive. aaron without being asked slept in his car outside so he could be
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ready and run the test on time. i think it speaks legions to his commitment to the impact he made as part of the lrv 4 team and the lrv project manager allowed him to come in today for take a few hours off to accept this award. so, it is my pleasure to introduce you to aaron posner. [applause]. >> thank you. porent area. >> thank you very much for the opportunity and i like to thank the board and aaron riscon and john hailey for supporting us on the project and dpiving us a opportunity to ing br a safe and reliable and new age vehicle into the city and to work on such a monumental project has been a extreme-i feel grateful. i like to thank
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our project manager twin nguyen for support and guide squns making sure we have everything we need to perform our job. lastly i like to say it may be myself up here there is a tight nit group team operating on all facets of the project and it isn't a soly effort to get here today without the support of the team and trin and john and ed and the board couldn't be here today so like to say thank you again. [applause] >> thank you, mr. chair. one additional piece of recognition we recently learned we received a 2016 award in creative and innovation from the international association of public outreach and that was for the community outreach done by the van ness project outreach team so want to
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congratulate the outreach manager [inaudible] kate mu carth a. chris oncroneen and graphic artist [inaudible] some of the highlights that won the award include forchling the project specific advisory committee to development a business relation program. constructing a preconstruction survey that captures the needs and priorities of 85 percent the properties. we asked do you have preference for day or night work, urm y start, late, weekends, week days. are your concerns noise or dust. it was prework that helped shape the construction effort. also, the use of multilingual text messages to raise awareness and speak with neighbors through new channels. the same outreach team had just won an award from delivery for creative use of digital citizen engagement with the
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multilingual text messaging so want to congratulate the team and it is really the work that is done on outpreach for the project is setting the standard for how we will do outreach on the major corridor projects so want to congratulate them for that. on that note, part of what they are being recognized for continues tomorrow we will v have a open house from 6 to 8 at [inaudible] at turk and van ness where city staff will talk about the changes happening on both of the streets, construction as i mentioned last month on both streets starts this month and since these are two parallel side by side street in the city we joined together with public works to make sure the outreach is done together. continuation of award winning work tomorrow not at tenderloin elementary.
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moving on to vision zero. update for this month, two things. we are joining forces with police and department of public health to focus on enforcement of speeding laws as part of our awareness campaign. vice chair brinkman and i participated last week in a press conference with those agency squz a number of others to announce a year lodge enforcement campaign that will focus on 12 priority corridor squz 14 secondary ones that are noted as those which are both high injury and high-speed and i think everybody knows speed is a primary collision factors associated with serious and fatal collisions in san francisco which we are striving to eliminate so this effort is part of our work to increase the public understanding of traffic safety, the role that speed plays in it and the fact that each of us who are getting around the city including those
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driving has a responsibility and a role they can play to make the city safer so education about the link between speed and increase likelihood of serious or fatal collisions. resunch research has shone and doing research base whether enforcement, education or engineering and research has shone people believe speeding isn't a problem because there is no perceived enforcement so hoping to bring attention to the fact the city is indide ticketing for speeding above the posting speed limit which the defaument around san francisco is 25 miles a hour which a lot of folks dont know either. so, we started or will-we started yesterday with stick to the limit the speed limit radio ads running for the next few weeks on all most all the traffic reports so radio drive time
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traffic reports. also, on streaming service such as spotify, pr radio i sound cloud. this is the third radio ads woo have dunl. we played the last two so keeping with our new multi-modal approach to the directors report i will play you a clip. >> t try to play a clip from the ad. we have the audio on there? >> [inaudible] 10 miles a hour over inspeed limit. it is perfectly safe and won't get a ticket, right? [sirens]. it isn't safe. it takes twice as
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long to stop your car. you are twice as likely to be in a crash. the speeding ticket as much as $234. stick to the limit. it is the law and you will be ticketed. learn more at >> this is the animated ads that will be running digitally. so, anyway that is just the latest step with regard to vision zero, so we don't want people to get tickets just slow down and drive safely so everybody else can get home
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safely as well. likewise, tomorrow is the 20th rock and roll to school day. schools from across san francisco and across the country and 39 other countries around the world will participate in a global celebration of walking and rolling to school. right now we have about 40 percent of san francisco elementary school student that live within walking distance of school but only 27 percent of the student take that short journey by foot, bike or other similar means so there is a lot of you can argue low hanging fruit in terms of making sure kids get to school safely in a more sustainable way. among the reasons to walk to school, children who walk to school enjoy key health benefits and academic advantage. get quality bonding time with parent or who ever walks them and gain a sense of
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indupendence that build seft confidence. last year we were very fochinate foobe to be joined by the surgeon general and had a 95 schools and 14,000 >> students par psitates which got up to 80 percent of schools. the goal this year is hundred wn school squz 16 thousand jz student. you can find more information at and hope to see people out walking tomorrow. couple other quick items with regards to a challenging area of elevators and escalators. our teams are producing a video series called why it matter tooz promote infrastructure projects you are
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strong supporters of and funders of. this is the-some of this is not very sexy work we do but important to making sure that muni in particular can continue to provide reliable and safe and accessible service and the goal here is to humanize the construction that often caught customers short term about benefit them in the long run. the video that we will show you today on elevators and escalators, the first one compleetded is film of castro and powell. it highlights our effort made to reflect stations with our modern technologies both for safety and reliability. we cument f completed phase one work on 5 escalators and started a contract on phase 2 which covers 17 escalators some in which are in operation for more than 40 years stretching over 6 stations. construction should
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be completed on the escalators north of cas ro and south of [inaudible] middle of the month so within a week or so immediately after that construction work will begin on the second elevator of castro and powell as part of system wide ada accessibility improvements. there is a number of customers that are featureed in these videos and scott brouger has become our elevator and escalator chief guru featured on the video as well. he was the one who's idea was to come up with a rain bow lighting scheme for the castro escalator that is so popular and will see a glimps in the video. we can go to the video. >> [inaudible] daughter mary
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and [inaudible] i know that there will be a elevator out of service and need to make alternate plans. i want to make sure that i know there will be a elevator to help get up when i get there. [inaudible] i'm scott brodeer with the sfmta and over the next 4 years we will replace
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the elevators and escalators [inaudible] updating to modern technology for reliability of the equipment especially for the disabled community and [inaudible] currently in phase two where we replace 17 more escalators in 6 stations. we are now adding additional elevator stations [inaudible]
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>> so, there it is. you saw it here first. >> a question. so, when you gelt to powell and civic center are those elevators and escalators? >> there is a mix. in joints stations some of the vertical transportation is ours and some is barts which makeatize confusing that is quhie sometimes you see bart employees and ours at others. >> okay. and then another question is you said we are putting in new escalators! is in >> castro and powell. >> is it possible to create like hch that you can have to
12:43 pm
flash a valid clipper card to epien a elvariety? just a thought. i understand it is hard because sometimes people don't have them when they go down but part is making sure people go into them if they use the station? >> given the variety of fair media we have such as transfers, it would probably be challenging. i has been a concern in terms of not having to go through turn styles, but i think it is a-probably a relatively small issue and challenging for the current way that we have such a variety of fair media. >> and know elevators often have challenges but take them out of surfbs. service. >> renewing them will help. we are designing the rehabilitation elevator jz escalators to be more revilleiant in the face of challenges that they do face in terms of the operatoring
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environment. >> just lack week to complete my unusually long report, a couple of things coming to san francisco, fleet week is here. big ship came through the golden bate and will be lots of folks in uniform and provide free muni access if they want it. it will be ramping up this weekend with the blue angles and the parade of ships. we have all our enforcement and special events folks ready and working with event to make sure it goes off well. and then next week the raillution conference 2016 is coming here to san francisco at the hyatt regency. this takes place in different parts around the country. this year we get to be the host. something we are doing jointly with a number of other agencies including bart and mtc. the mayor will be
12:45 pm
addressing the conference on monday morning along with mtc, bart jenroom manager and myself. the motto for the caunlference building livable communities with transits is a motto of the whole organization. that is around for about 20 years has become a well respected resource for folks within government and housing and transportation to really understand the connection between land use and transportation and advocate for transit orient development so we are a great city to host the conference and honor to be doing so and anyone who wpts it go if you go to rail there is more information there. that conclude my report. >> have a quick comment on elevator jz escalators. tag
12:46 pm
along to ongoing request to communicate when outages happen. i just hope our communication is also solution driven and hope we take a elevator out of service i hope the communication includes the nearest next accessible entrance is available at whatever station and hope again that we are in coordination our regional providers tin urms terms of those options as well. >> appreciate the reminder. >> quick question, for the fleet week muni access for services members are they getting passes or just service members in uniform >> the latter. we send out a bulletin to operators and fair expecters inspectors and say people in uniform ride for free. >> we see so many downtown knice to remind them to hop on and get somewhere in the city. >> and encourage you all if
12:47 pm
you see them thank them for their serve squs offer free service. >> there are a few members of the public who wish to address on matters discudsed by mr. riscon, herben winer followed by tone lee and terri [inaudible] >> herbt winer rchlt concerns about vision zero. you left one thing out about safety for pedestrians. there are bicyclist on the sidewalk who do not dismount and walk their bicycles. they are clearly in violation of the law qu if you want to protect pedestrians that is very important. school children are going to be walking to school tomorrow. do you want them endangerered by bicycle ist on the street? there are several collisions with pedestrians being hit and a lot are not reported to mta and they are equally as
12:48 pm
dangerous as automobiles are and that should be a written priority of the agency and also walk san francisco. it should be formally stated in their documents. buu pedestrians have to be protected from all moving vehicles and this consists of bicycle squz you actually excluded this from your presentations which i find very distressing. i see bicyclist on the street all the time. and i could be potentially struck by one of these bicycles and they could be fatal injuries to people who are seniors and disabled. a fating hip fracture can result in death. you have a responsibility to protect pedestrians from all moving vehicles, sidewalks and on the streets and especially those bicyclist who crash the red lights. you only have to go to the the financial district and you won't be short sighted seeing them so please make that part of your priority.
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>> next speaker is tone lee followed by tor eke mu mud >> good afternoon. you should be ashamed of the one family celebrated birthday every day [inaudible] you no more than a big very well organized transportation mafia. the people are paying money to you with the [inaudible] they get tolls, citations. do you want to get better san francisco transportation? i think this man behind me maybe he is part a policy maker. look at san francisco. vision zero is not only negative. coming soon a lot of baby born in the car because of san francisco streets becoming parking lot. you look at every day. taxis drivers show some location make left turn but don't allow it.
12:50 pm
the whole 2 nd street can't make any left turn at all. you look avenue day at the at & t [inaudible] i look at your elevator and, the rainbow elevator you are so proud of it. this is happening 20 years goy in a lot of city. they already installed because they are not like you. you put a lot of [inaudible] hire a lot of people like your tax division. i go to whatever the [inaudible] you look at your street signs and [inaudible] >> this is about items mr. riscon. >> vision zero. that's all about because everything becoming parking lot so a lot of people get towed because the street signerize not clear. you should put extra sign on the meter. 3 to 7 you cannot park but you put very far away
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so people pay money with a tier. i paid $320 for parking ticket and didn't know that, they said something blocking and [inaudible] i go to dmv and found out i had to may the money. i'm not happy brt it. >> last speaker who turned in a card, tureek mu mud. >> talking about vision zero. your streets are so dark. night time going on larkin street, larkin to hyde. even at 25 mile speed any car can hardly see who is walking on the street. entire city the lights are kept dim in certain area that we are driving and all those people who are driving you have foogive credit
12:52 pm
to them, they are opening not twois, but six. the time to see in the dark if they can see somebody about to come out from any angle so your light is huge dark. number two, all over the city at one time when it was decided to do the street cleaning twice a month insfed of going every day, now you go all over the city, all the signs of street cleaning, you cannot read one sign at night time. why? the strip which was made and glued on the metal boards, that strip don't have the color to get it read at night time. you have to get out of the car, put the light on it and read what does it say. the whole city streets all the time single person cannot read it, night time, that is what you are looking
12:53 pm
for vision zero? no. then, you started the castro and mission street change and the section is so narrow that literally 10,000 cars a day come into the opposite lane to cross when somebody is double parked. 10,000 cars a day and they come on a collision. castro change and mission change, stand there for 5 minutes and watch how many cars are going into opposite lane. thank you. >> we have one more. >> tom gillbirty, apologize for being late. um, i was at the [inaudible] blue grass. we are
12:54 pm
trying to put concrete island where the light-rail stops. would they be accessible? i know that is a lot more concrete, but i mean there is very little room for concrete island at some of the stops where it looked like one lane. so, i don't know about that. next thing, is there such a creature as a escalator for wheelchairs? instead of just the little 4 foot, 5 foot you wheel in and out of. if that is a nice possibility that would be a nice possibility. next question on the elevators, are they part the station instead of like downtown where you have to go out of the station to go to the elevators? i love the idea of multiple
12:55 pm
elevators. on the communication levels, when we have our stations we have the next train arriving and next bus arriving, would those have elevators that are service especially on the light-rail that would be interesting and updates on that. sometimes you call 311 and they say it is ouft services and go to the the service and it is in service or vice versa. the van ness station, how long will that be a situation before we-the platform elevator was washed before i arrived so it isn't rank. again, it would be lovely to take the mat up to fix it especially when it goes up on the landing. >> thank you. >> moving to citizen advisory counsel report. i do not see either the chair or vice chair
12:56 pm
here to address you. moving to item 9, general public comment. this is a opportunity for members to address within the jurisdiction of sfmta board of directors but not on todays calendar. we vafew speakers, britny stonesifter and obni desigh. >> good afternoon. >> brittany stone-sifeer and a member of the death free san francisco coalition. briefly today i want to talk about the effects [inaudible] has on people of color and low income people in san francisco including municipal court debt. san francisco mta does not track tickets of dem graphic. what generally effects people
12:57 pm
racially disparately and also part of a coalition called back on the road thatd published reports on this. black peepp are 7 times more likely to be arrested than white people and traffic court black people represent 6 or 7 percent of the population but have 70 percent of license suspension for inability to pay tiblths so have no reason to believe this doesn't spill over to ticketing because och economic inequality. traffic court dealt and other cort debt trap people in poverty. parking tickets and [inaudible] are a inconvenience for people who can pay them, but people who are homeless can be derve straighted. in san francisco there are 7 thousand homeless people and 13 living below the poverty line so charging someone 100 dollars for fair vision will not do much are to
12:58 pm
help the city coughers and drive the person deeper in debt and harj charging someone 5 or $600 to get their car out of a impound lot won't help the situation. thank you. >> obnidesigh followed by herbert winer. >> i am a public policy manager for community housing partnership. we help house homeless people and help them become self efficient in san francisco. we are part the debt free san francisco coalition which is made up of the legal services for prisoners of children [inaudible] coalition on homelessness and communesty housing partnership and goal is end or reduce barriers that keep people in cycles of poverty chblt one of the objectives is revamp alternative tooz paim. we want to make the system workment we must confront the question how muni debt is making it harder
12:59 pm
for our communities to get out of debt and become more self sufficient. we are advocaitded for the reduction of fine amounts for low income san francisco residents and establishing meaningful alternatives to payment. we have plod muni in changing policy and making sure community service hours are reimbursed at min mrn wage and look forward to do fee wavers for low income san franciscan to participate in community service, increase the value of work credit hours as minimum wage increase and include options for participation in social service and educational orjob training program to count as community service. we worked with sfmta staff and borebd of sfr visors and look forward to continuing to work together on alternative to payment through the fines and fees task force just established and we are hpy to
1:00 pm
do a formal presentation in the future. thank you. >> herbt herbert winer followed by [inaudible] lee. >> herbert winer. one thing about the decisions of the board-you stated that you balanced all factors in making a decision and you weigh all parties in deing it. unfochinately the scales are tilted. they are tilted in favor of certain group jz other groups suffer and it happened consistently and the board votes unanimously. i seldom see a descendic vote. this is not equity and a example of this-what if fire fighters have to balance factors in putting out fires so they let some housing burn down? well, they had to weigh all factors
1:01 pm
involved. that would be a great disservice to the public and you have the same obligation as fire fighters. . that decision on the eltaraval line was hideous. there are some people that will suffer as a result of it. people are going to have walk aquarter mile to the bus stop and paratransit isn't the answer and the board knows it. they center limited resources so certain people are thrown under the wheels, the most vulnerable in the city. 20 percent of the riders are senior but you clearly have done a public disservice and should serve everybody. if the police serve the public the way mta sunchs the public it would be terrible because certain arrests would not be made. so, you have a job to serve everyone and not play dirty politics. >> tone lee followed by turike.
1:02 pm
mu mood. >> we came before in april request you both please do not lease your [inaudible] because of this is not fair to the driver who are buying them down and running the business but your office did that now. they leased a lot of cab company to the old medallion. it is not fair. but you let it go. and you are [inaudible] rubber stamp. what about your taxi division brief up to you. you flip-you approve. that's not fair. a lot of time your office midled you. they had too many flaws inside and a lot of affiliates coming on with all the time. [inaudible] should drive without the cab [inaudible] that is what we rest you many years ago. you don't look like mew new york we always put the cab color
1:03 pm
scheme and must go through the color scheme. i had a medallion and if i go through the color scheme [inaudible] 40,000 cars running as a taxi now without your [inaudible] color scheme and they are happy to make money on the streets of san francisco. you are becoming small mta guide because cabs should be [inaudible] but you aul paul look at scream. why we need a [inaudible] cab is cab. if i own a medallion i should drive without color scheme because this is a way a lot of cities do that but you always put a lot of [inaudible] nob before you and me so public get taxi business from us. the cab drivers are upset. we have a few drivers die. one driver get stroke last week and can't move one half the body and my russian friend died in august because he oweed money.
1:04 pm
>> next speaker. >> tureek mu mood followed by tom gill birty. >> taxi driver. i have been sending e-mail blt the [inaudible] when i went to their office many people were sitting there asking where is my money and it didn't come to the bank account. they check each person for 5, 7 minutesothen computer and say we'll send money. not one, not two, four people in 30 minutes. the devices freezing on the way several times. freezing. and my meter stopped, i called them to fix it and said bring the device to the office and office is closed to monday so have to wait. after 2 and a half day i got the device fixed. i went to the start
1:05 pm
using it and next day the device went off. i went back and i saw other people holding the device in their hand to get a fix. same story. i got it fixed, after that 10 time it freeze. i was bringing somebody from [inaudible] to the city, half the way my meter just $16 it is gone. i have to apologize to try to work it out and i have people yelling and screaming at me about the device. when i contacted your [inaudible] she said it isn't our responsibility, it is [inaudible] the company and you. 50 people maybe a week are going the fly wheel office to get the device fixed. the meter. when we went to take a car to the airport for inspection we put two meter the fly wheel and old meter. we cannot accept it. we will accept only with the fly wheel
1:06 pm
meter. so, we are not making money, we have a price on the street what you 7 people are doing here and the money disappearing from the accounts. you need [inaudible] committee right away. >> thank you. next speaker. >> tom gillbirty. the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> tom gillbirty. 8743, i went to the blue grass festival on the way home, 5:30 i got a 8743 part the 8700 series, the 8600 series and 88 hundred series. i don't ride these buses often. what a treat. two years old, 120 thousand miles on it. it was quite. it was using the old seats, the fiberglass seats instead of the new metal heavy
1:07 pm
chrome seetss for the wheem chair jz they were quite. i like the situation the way the seats were arranged in the front. it can be done. i was-i'm applauding. i would make a big sign say 8743. i hope the other ones, the 6567, 72 i don't think those are-i think they are dangerous for the drivers in a short amount of time that rattle is going to give them nightmares and effect-they will become sullen and not have pride. i hope we continue working on that one. the determination to save 2 to 3 minute even in the tunnel is pushing lot more stress on the drivers. if you are riding in
1:08 pm
traffic manacles break down accidents happen, to try to stay on time in traffic on roads is a difficult situation and we what we want to do from here on out is reduce the stress both of the drivers and riders. another train is better. if we can get trains in 10 10 minutes, the next train is coming and not 20. that is the best way to go. thank you. >> moving to consent calendar, directors-routine unless considered separately. preebiously announced 10.2 g is severed removed from the calendar. i received no request from the public to have a item severed. >> [inaudible]
1:09 pm
>> alright. moving on to your gentleman packed regular agenda. it would be item 11, discussion and vote whether to conduct closed session. motion to conduct is a closed session. >> second. >> all in favor say aye. we are in closed session. thank you very much ladies november.
1:10 pm
>> hi, my name is josh i'm running for the san francisco
1:11 pm
board of supervisors in district 9 representing and running for supervisor because city hall has failed our neighborhood we've seen rising rents and residents suffering on the streets and lack of communication between our police and folks and loss for businesses i believe we've seen the best and we defer get behind the eight ball i'm the product of immigrant any great grate worked in the fields to have a better leave nearly 20 years ago i moved to san francisco and became an civil rights he attorney for people of victims of police brutality i formed my business and we shut down a dirty power plant and
1:12 pm
served on the affordable housing nonprofit making me the only candidate that is actually built affordable housing with those on hand and went on to work with the proves leaders to pass the local hire program green house thousands of construction jobs to local residents and had the opportunity to serve as the first latino president on the commission on the environment and passed solar panels on all new construction and increase inner architectural for me, i think about inner development and hunters point and save community. immigrants and raising kids in the neighborhood and those who are engagement with the law enforcement to pass meaningful police or more those part of democrat, etc. part i supported gun control and increasing affordable housing to me based policing and mostly he live in the heart of
1:13 pm
mission district on harrison in a regulated apartment we spent a decade with my wife and seen first hand sdpoipt and an action if the recommendations has done to our community and decade of no affordable housing has lead to a homeless especially department of emergency depg if he serve as our supervisor we'll shake-up the status quo number one to build affordable housing that's why i announced a new proposal not only to build much needed housing but to build a random station the plan to delivering housing for etch and to the tenants we 3450ed to push to remember the ellis act and the costa-hawkins for the homeless residents to get them into permanent housing we need
1:14 pm
to build more housing i'm in support of navigation center model and this model to expand it throughout the city we have to fight by sherry that local and engaged workers is where access to housing as i mentioned he championed the local jobs confusing formally incarcerated english speakers as supervisor i'll work with the technology and health care sectors and in addition to proposing the brand new bart station to make sure that pedestrians and bicyclists and cyclists can get around you have a choice between maintaining the status quo that has been running city hall for years or electing a progressive democratic who can hit the ground running our neighborhood deserves change in city hall and with our help we can turn things around thank you
1:15 pm
for watching the video visit and hope you'll joan governor newsom's and pro tem kevin and broadside he willtion and f in a and john burton and firefighters and lgbt democrat, etc. club and 09 as well as husband's of community leader that or supported my campaign on november 8th please vote for joshua as supervisor thank you >> hello my name is ma illegal list i'm a democrat running for district 8 i was born and raised and a daughter of an immigrant i'm the first generation of my family to be born in the u.s.
1:16 pm
and the first generation to go to college i also come from a kwaishg family my tad was lucky enough to get a union job in an engineer part of local 39 and worked in a boiler room for over thirty years it is tough physically demanding work and his body had the wear and tear media brother is a stationary engineer my mom has burn the heart of our family protecting my sections and i from the gang violence in the politician she's working are for on open terrorist my excess is an emergency room teacher and i'm running because any family and i are given an opportunity i them i need to give back a proud person of the public schools as in the mission i was lucky
1:17 pm
enough to get into lowell high school my experience at lowell was life schaj as students numerous opportunities and variance programs however, i was seeing my neighbors didn't have the same opportunities i lead a student group as uc berkley to increase the number of last but not least shaeg if lo staek in college he graduated in political conceives i'm - my opportunities was not given to everyone for the low income communities so i moved to sacramento to understand the policy making process and how it works i was a governance with the state department of the education and saw offhand the government and
1:18 pm
programs and people we serve it became clear to me we needed people to advocate for policies that bend vulnerable communities i fooinl u foundationally building in mentoring the next generation in 20122012 he skatd indicate my vote and in san francisco 87 delegates to the parties in those roles i fought for is exhibition of women and people of color morph we've been an education advocate fighting a broken and unequal system 0 that our kids can release their potential and live out their dreams and be free in my work at the national center i advocated the stiffer for 40 thousand students sxantd the state budgeted and roefrmd
1:19 pm
the thirty-year-old program i also successfully expanded in accreditation with the english learners and other students i know how to build a coalition and get things done there is so many to do i see december parties not only in the education roles but in our daily lives i see the inequalities in access to jobs and access to healthy foods as supervisor i will fight to build affordable housing and fight inequality in our city and make investments in education i'm the only candidate born and raised in the city the only candidate who's family is in the district my mom and dad and sections live in this community and every decision
1:20 pm
will effect everyone i love i have dedicated any scare in upcoming left underserved communities and how many of us i'm here to listen and be a voice he know is important to be heard every community deserves more and better and here to make that happen and hope to earn your vote thank you. >> high my name is hillary running for district 8 supervisor it is the district serving mission bernal heights and other neighborhoods of san francisco i always last week to give you a little bit of background that has put me on the path i grew up in los
1:21 pm
angeles, california my father was an immigrant that scam to this country without speaking english 0 and no. much money and my up bringing in more ways he often falls discrimination and stood up for his coworkers that touch interaction in the workplace for an immigrant worker impacted who i am my mom was a school teacher in the los angeles skauthd u unified school district a leechlt union member and had a stable job and kept food on the tangle during the hard times any parents live in the same refrpdz apartments been there 40 years and because of my mom the tension they are
1:22 pm
nationally not live with me in san francisco those teaches laws rent-controlled unit and workers rights legislation union pensions those teaches policies have impacted any life for a long time and partially responsible why i'm engaged in fwloft and running for office today i've seen through the back and forth at the uc berkley outlined schools law school in the u.s. bancorp when i graduated and moved to bernal heights and worked at an organization in mission district mostly with low wage latino workers i worked there 6 and a half years recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid wages for the workers and while wrote the first version of the bifurcating that zuvenl came
1:23 pm
state law and there that experience of writing the law together with the communities impacted by that law that got me very engaged in local government so i applied for a job and received it and cabin working as legislative affairs and that's an incredible experience over the past 6 years helped to she said and write laws if making muni free for low income and protecting women for health care services and planned parents 0 hood to rehouse all the few weeks in the mission from fires and made that the city contractors are paid equally and countless laws to protect people from eviction and displacement and putting seven hundred and 50 units new units of affordable
1:24 pm
housing in the pipeline for the mission and running for supervisor to continue doing this important work with impacts the few weeks in district 9 and making this decide was marred i have a 31/2-year-old daughter but it is my responsible to double down in san francisco and exciting to be supervisor to accomplish the tape priority fwrirment affordable housing navigation center a bludgeon to build 5 thousand affordable housing in the district court in 10 years i simply don't know any on the way we'll be able to retain the regional diversity of our city without building more affordable housing it is ambitious doable and create a preschool program. all 3 years old and tackle other
1:25 pm
things that have reached crisis in district 9 we need to make sure that people have not living in encampments but have dedicated place and want to sxandz the navigation center i'm proud to have the endorsement of san francisco democrat, etc. party and hope to have our support as well thank you very much
1:26 pm
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1:30 pm
>> [ gavel ] good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the regular meeting of the san francisco ethics commission for september 26,


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